Why Wear Vintage Chenille Robes? Well…

Why should you wear a chenille robe? Let our customers tell you! We’ve compiled a list below of the most common uses that our lovelies have shared with us. Then, explore a bit about chenille as a fabric and why we use it exclusively in our designs.

Here are the 10 most common statements we hear from our lovelies about their chenille bathrobes:

  1. Great for girl’s night – enjoy a get-together nestled in a comfy-cozy chenille robe.
  2. A perfect chill chaser – never have to worry about being cold after a shower or bath.
  3. Gives “business casual” a whole new meaning…many of our professional lovelies wear their chenille robes while working at home.
  4. Early bird or night owl…no matter! Make mornings fun again – and evenings all the more relaxing.
  5. Super snuggly while watching TV, relaxing with your iPad, or just enjoying some downtime.
  6. Enjoy cooking in the kitchen in comfort and style…with a blast of nostalgia mixed in!
  7. Makes “me time” – that coveted time all to yourself – uniquely comforting and something to look forward to.
  8. Instead of wearing the robe conventionally, many of our lovelies use it as a “mini “blanket while cozied up in their fav chair or sofa.
  9. Forget a boring towel wrap when you hop out of the pool – vintage cotton chenille is surprisingly absorbent.
  10. Best of all, since chenille is often described as “wearing a hug” – wrap up in your robe anytime you need some extra comfort.

Chenille Robes Versus Traditional Bathrobes

Everyone is familiar with traditional terry, flannel, or regular cotton robes, and while they serve a purpose, most are – well, boring. Wrapping up in true, vintage chenille and all the cottony, cozy comfort it offers is a relaxing experience like no other.

Our chenille robes are re-purposed from bedspreads that were originally popular in the 40s and 50s – a time when cotton was truly thick, super soft and fluffy – not to mention high quality. When you cuddle up in the thick, fluffy tufts on a vintage chenille bedspread robe, it’s truly like being embraced in comfort – real, soothing, relaxing comfort. And who can turn that down?

Sure, fads come and go. But comfort never does. And in today’s always plugged in, stress-filled era, comfort is something the world craves. Admit it, aren’t there times you need a hug? Aren’t there times you’d like to have ME-time all to yourself…while wearing something that’s just for you?

Why We Use Vintage Chenille Exclusively in Our Designs

When chenille was manufactured decades ago, a pride in craftsmanship and strong attention to detail created unique, fascinating, gorgeous, and dazzling patterns. You can choose a vintage chenille bedspread bathrobe that represents you – and that makes a statement.

And make a statement it will!  Like snowflakes, vintage chenille bathrobes are truly one-of-a-kind. The endless array of designs range from thick, rich floral patterns and bold peacocks, to softer whispers of flowers, stunning plaids, geometrics, zig-zags, or even classically plain colors. Whatever your taste, there is a vintage chenille bedspread bathrobe just for you.

That’s precisely why we work exclusively with vintage chenille – we’re not interested in mass-manufacturing modern day cheap bathrobes. In fact, the robes that are called “chenille” today are nothing more than China- or Pakistan-made, 100% polyester rubbish.

Our Creative Vision Focuses on Distinctive Designs

Instead, our vision focuses on creating distinctive designs using fabric that has been handled by many generations – and countless loving hands – before it has reached our studio. Our process emphasizes a blend of intuition and an expertise in color selection to create these pieces.

We only use vintage chenille fabrics that we intuitively decide have the “energy” that we seek. Those who know us well know that we don’t think twice about donating a spread or fabric piece that does not have the “right energy” to a local charity organization.

We believe that you deserve the best – and that’s why we only work with the best in vintage chenille to create our designs. We can also work with you to help you choose the robe that best matches your own personality.

Vintage Chenille Robes Might Not Be for Everyone, But…

We respect that chenille robes aren’t for everyone, but for those they appeal to, they often become a go-to closet staple, something you can look forward to relaxing in. Our philosophy is that each special robe reaches just the “right” person that it’s meant for.

Purchased as a gift of self-love or as a gift for a loved one, our robes have become heirloom treasures that bring comfort, love, and perhaps…those warm nostalgic feelings and whispers of memories of days long gone.

So, the answer to the ‘why wear a bathrobe’ question has many creative – and beautiful answers! If you have questions about our process, please feel free to reach us by clicking here. Or shop our currently available listings in our chenille “boutique”!