Upcycle, Recycle – Open Up Your Creative Vortex With Chenille!

Incorporating vintage chenille for bath robes, quilts and baby blankets opens up a creative vortex!

Unlike modern, ho-hum bedspreads that wear out quickly and have to be tossed away, vintage chenille is a quality fabric that offers up endless choices of color, textures and patterns for all your upcycling and repurposing ideas!

After all, we like to say: consider that many chenille bedspreads from the 1940s-1960s era are still going strong, widely available for sale, and known for their durability – that’s pretty impressive for a fabric that’s over a half-century old.

Upcycle a Vintage Chenille Bedspread into a Robe

With the super soft and fluffy tufts of vintage chenille, lounging in an upcycled chenille bathrobe gives relaxing an entirely new and contemporary meaning!

Best of all, they’re one of a kind – unique to you. View our extensive collection of vintage chenille robes and you’ll see that color choices are infinite, each one beautiful in its own right, with a style to match every personality: bold…feminine…mystic…masculine….introvert….extrovert…

Repurpose Vintage Chenille to Sew Your Own Bathrobe

Always cold? A vintage chenille robe solves that problem easily! With its weightiness, no cold drafts can sneak in, keeping you comfy cozy always. Like chenille – but live in a warm climate? Try our shortie robe: divinely feminine and down right cute! Like your robes roomy? Lots of women do – and we have an extensive array of robes just for that purpose. Some of our lovelies say their robes double as cuddly blankets when they’re lounging on the couch or in their favorite chair.

Love to be surrounded by soft, romantic flowers? Vintage chenille is all about romance! For the woman who loves roses, cabbage roses, baby rosebuds, daisies, anemones and any other flower, you’ll discover vintage chenille has just what you’re searching for!

Relaxing…..de-stressing…decompressing… we all want that. Look forward to your evenings, mornings, or daytime downtime by wrapping yourself in a vintage chenille bathrobe and just….being.….whether you’re reading, watching tv or surfing the net, look forward to ‘your’ time and your vintage chenille bath robe. You’ll find yourself being kinder to yourself – and we all could use more self care.

Upcycled Vintage Chenille = Endless Creative Possibilities!

Baby quilts and bankies made from vintage chenille offer little ones such textures for tiny fingers. Many a mom will attest to how their babies stroke their ‘bankies’ for comfort – with vintage chenille, baby will discover an exciting array of textures and patters and colors! Check out our Charlotte’s Cozy Quilt Squares for inspiration for your quilting project.

Not sure where to begin? Browse for patterns that stand out to you – places like eBay and Etsy can be a terrific starting point to inspire your next project. If you love the look of a vintage robe, you can easily find a true original pattern or a reproduction to work with. Or if a cozy modern spa style wrap robe is what you prefer, there are hundreds of different pattern choices to peruse.

The same can be said for just about anything else you want to make from heart shaped, square, or oblong pillows to whimsical stuffed chenille animals or even pet beds for that special dog or cat…one you start creating you’ll never want to stop!

From bath robes to baby bankies, from upcycled jackets and pillows, to snuggly soft pet beds, vintage chenille offers a virtually endless array of choices and possibilities. And reusing and repurposing is good news for our planet, too!