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Vintage Chenille Fabric: 7 Creative Ways to Upcycle This Texturized Textile

Vintage chenille fabric. Have you ever tried sewing with it? If you have, you know it can be maddeningly messy (think: little fluffs & tufts EVERYWHERE) and sometimes not the easiest to sew with (indeed there are a small handful of old chenille fabrics that my Pfaff refuses to look at). But it’s oh so […]

5 Smart Tips for Sewing with Vintage Chenille Fabric

When I first started sewing with chenille, I scoured the internet looking for tips, only to come up mostly empty-handed. If you’re new to sewing with this beloved-but-messy fabric or you’re just looking for a few guidelines, I hope the ones below learned from many years of sewing will help you avoid some of the […]