Inside Our Studio: Behind the Design of Sunset Chenille Robes

Our most popular chenille robe designs are what we call sunset robes – gorgeous selections of peach glow and blush pink vintage chenille fabrics that are truly one of a kind because of their unique and often striking color variances.

Bluebird vintage chenille robeNothing Glows Quite Like Ombre Peach Chenille

Much of our creative inspiration comes from nature, so it’s no surprise that our sunset chenille robes were also influenced by our beautiful Mother Earth. What makes these vintage chenille robes so special? Well, the chenille fabric we use for them is all hand-selected and must meet one specific requirement: the bedspread must be sunkissed.

Sunkissed? Yes…it must have natural color variations most typically caused by the spread having been left on a bed for many years near a sunny window. The variances are always one-of-a-kind and they are breathtaking.

Very often for these designs, we source several different spreads to  add to the variation. The finished robes often resemble the gentle yet powerful glowing rays of a setting sun in autumn. Best of all, this soothing glow is something that only time and Mother Nature could create.

Only Mother Nature Could Create Fabric This Beautiful

Luxury spa vintage chenille robe

You might be wondering, why peach or pink? After many years of handling vintage fabrics, we’ve found that peach or peachy-pink vintage chenille spreads produce the most beautiful variations.

To attempt to achieve this effect, we’ve even been known to hang spreads out in sunny locations here on the Cottage property – but never with as satisfying results as when the spread had years (sometimes, decades) to receive the gentle warming rays of the sun as it shone through a window. Plush Vintage Chenille Robe

Because peaches and pinks are most often associated with the rays of a sunset, we choose to use these colors most often. Additionally both these colors tend to work well with almost any skin tone, highlighting the wearer’s most beautiful features.

Meet the Newest Sunset Chenille Robe: Bluebirds from Heaven

This is one of the more elaborate robes we’ve designed in quite a while.The central focus is is a very large sailing bluebird motif on the rear panel, sourced from a 1950s original chenille bedspread that was just beautifully sunkissed – one of the most beautiful we’ve ever had the opportunity to work with.Vintage bluebirds chenille robe

More typically, these bluebird bedspreads have a white groundcloth; this is one of the only ones we’ve ever had in this beautiful peach glow. The chenille was in outstanding condition and this particular type of chenille is truly a joy to work with.

The front panels called for two additional, separate spreads were used – one an elaborate frosted floral motif, the other a deeper peach with round rainbow blocked roses. For the sleeves, we chose a richly scalloped chenille with coordinating cuffs.

The facings were sourced from the main bluebird spread and have provided a gorgeous contrast. Together, the finished result is a piece that is deeply comforting and so angelic.

Our next sunset chenille robe is quite a decadent twist as compared to our more traditional, shawl collar wrap robe designs. The one featured here is crafted entirely from vintage Cabin Crafts chenille bedspread fabrics that offer an old-world, Victorian style appearance. To add to the charming Victorian style, we chose a stunning, extra long shawl fringe to accent the neckline.

View our current selection of handmade and vintage chenille robes here.