Inside Our Studio: Behind the Design of The Rainbow Bridge Robes

Perhaps no other design captures our hearts as much as our “Rainbow Bridge” handcrafted chenille robes. Each robe is meant to honor the incredible, timeless bond between humans and our beloved pets.

We thought we might share the original description as well as a bit of the story behind one of our most special creations below.

❧the story behind the rainbow bridge robe☙

That was a big jump I took to catch my ball…I’ve almost got it!!!

But wait a minute, my old ball looks so shiny new now…and this is a different place…not my favorite back yard, where I knew every bush and tree…and where’s that pesky squirrel I used to chase every day?

I see my master in the distance, she’s just over a beautiful bridge, it’s like a rainbow…the colors are brilliant, and its gentle arch…it was so easy to jump over!

But she’s on the other side! And she’s crying, sobbing so hard she is shaking…and she’s holding my tattered old leash in her hands. How I loved that leash! When I saw it, I knew it meant long walks or even better, rides!

I want to go over and slobber her with kisses, but I just can’t seem to find a way back over the Bridge. I want to let her know that I’m all right, that stiffness in my paws is gone, and I don’t have any pain in my furry body any more. It all passed away when I came over the Rainbow Bridge.

It’s so beautiful here, there’s other animals and their owners, and there is such a profound peace…no pain, no sadness, only the pure joy and love shared between pets and their owners.

Don’t cry! Oh, how I want to tell her that this is an enchanted place, a kingdom of eternal peace and love…and the love we shared together comes with us…that is why it is so blissful here.

I’ll wait for you! We will be reunited, you and I…and when it is your time, I’ll be bounding over the Rainbow Bridge, to greet you once again…as I always did….

❧a robe made with so much love☙

-this is meant to both honor and represent a celebration of the incredible bond we humans share with our pets
-i have forever been captivated by the amazing stories of the ways animals influence our lives
-and how our life experiences are enriched and inspired by their very presence
-pets bring us comfort and offer unconditional love and joy, something we all need more of in this world
-our beloved furry friends don’t care if we we’re “imperfect” by our (or the world’s) standards…
-they love us just as we are – no strings attached, no expectations…just pure love
-you get to see the original 50s hearts spread that makes up the front panels before it was cut
-the hearts were cut so that when you wear the robe, they “hug” you
-extremely rare teal/turquoise poodle sourced from separate 50s novelty spread
-also, morgan jones pink rosebuds hand-drawn/hand-cut hearts sewn with love hidden inside at the neck and shoulders
-belt loops are soft orchid mj pops with a hit of shimmer lurex
-a little bow made from mj pink pearl pops adorns the sweet poodle’s head
-and a slightly misshapen ball (to resemble doggy’s loved-to-death ball) balances atop her nose
-facings are from another beautiful example of a 1950s chenille spread in snow white with pink flowers
-two little flowers from yet another spread are appliqued – can you spot them?
-shimmering sulky blendables thread in stunning jeweltone rainbow colors to highlight the colors
-all fabrics used are original vintage cotton chenille


Each of our “Rainbow Bridge” robe designs use original vintage chenille bedspreads and cannot be duplicated. Each is truly one of a kind. If you’re interested in learning more about these designs, click here to reach us.