Morgan Jones Chenille Bedspreads: Synonymous with Pops and Rosebuds

morgan jones chenille rosebuds bedspreadOf all chenille, perhaps none is more sought after for so many purposes than Morgan Jones infamous rosebud chenille bedspreads. Once sold in a variety of colors from the common plump pink rosebuds to the very elusive deep red blooms, collectors and crafters continue to seek out these lovely examples of our great American history.

Collectors and Crafters Alike Adore Morgan Jones Chenille Bedspreads

Collectors prize them for their value, especially the rarer colors; crafters love them for the outstanding texture and gorgeous pops of color they bring to a range of creative projects. Most of their vintage chenille spreads were a cotton blend, and many remain as strong, vibrant and beautiful today as the day they were made.

Morgan Jones was a sizable chenille manufacturing company that understood the value of smart marketing – and they did it well – advertising an eye-popping array (literally) of bedspreads and other items – not just those cottage-sweet little rosebud chenille spreads that many people remember them by.morgan jones chenille spread

Established back in the early 1870s, Morgan Jones was already successfully operating several sizable facilities by the late 1800s, which is thought to have helped give them leverage over competing manufacturers of chenille bedspreads back then.

A quick eBay search reveals vintage Morgan Jones bed sheets, some still NOS, towels, woven bedspreads, fabrics, and a fantastic array of delightful pillows and other homesewn goods – in addition to the ever-changing lineup of pops bedspreads and those many of you are more familiar with.

Morgan Jones is Long Gone, But Their Chenille Spreads Are Still Cherishedmorgan jones chenille bedspread

My personal favorite? I have a fondness for the double popcorn chenille bedspreads Morgan Jones made where one side of the fabric has chubby larger pops, and the reverse has smaller/petite double ones. The texture is amazing and they were often offered in the prettiest colors – a tried and true favorite is a classic blushing champagne color.

As ubiquitous as Morgan Jones chenille bedspreads were in bedrooms across America, they’re still just as loved today. Less than 100 years after the Morgan Jones company was established in 1872, the label no longer existed by 1963, when they were taken over by Springs Industries.

Similar to Hofmann, we were somewhat surprised to find very little information on the Morgan Jones company in our research of vintage chenille bedspread manufacturers – especially given that they were one of the largest, most prolific manufacturers of chenille for quite some time.morgan jones chenille bedspread

If you need to add some excellent texture and vibrant pops of color (literally!) to your special project – from elaborate quilts to cottage chic pillows and everything in between – Morgan Jones vintage chenille fabric is an excellent choice. 

In our experience, Morgan Jones is easy to sew and craft with, and much of the chenille we have that was manufactured by this once-great American textile company remains strong, durable, and rich in color.

It washes easily, dries beautifully, and looks fabulous. Yes it is almost always a cotton blend, but it’s certainly safe to say that Morgan Jones chenille was constructed to last and has more than withstood the test of time.quilt square kit

Do you have information on Morgan Jones as a chenille bedspread manufacturer? Please do reach out to us. We are always researching vintage chenille bedspread makers and would love to have the opportunity to learn more – and share it with our readers.