The Life of a Chenille Bedspread

Not all chenille bedspreads are destined to live their lives atop a soft bed.

Some chenille bedspreads grow up to be a gorgeous bathrobe.

handmade chenille robeIf you’ve never slipped into a vintage chenille bathrobe, well my mom had a great phrase she’d use on me when I refused to eat liver and onions: “You don’t know what you’re missing!”

Well, I know it wasn’t true for liver and onions, but it most certainly is true for a vintage chenille bathrobe. You really don’t know what you’re missing…the softness, the texture, the weight of the fabric – modern synthetics manufactured today cannot compare.

If I could use one word to describe it? Comfort.

After a long day at work, after a soothing bath or shower, donning your pj’s and wrapping a vintage chenille bedspread around you brings such soothing comfort. It’s like the little tufts caress you in tender hugs, fluffing away the cares of the world.

chenille bathrobes

And each vintage chenille bedspread makes a one-of-a-kind bathrobe. You are wrapped in a custom – for you only- bathrobe that speaks to who you are. Soft cabbage roses… or a bright and bold peacock…and literally hundreds of styles in between.

Not wanting a full-length robe? With chenille, that’s no problem! Some vintage bedspreads find themselves becoming bed jackets – just a little throw to toss over your shoulders to keep the chill off – while leaning snugly into a chenille pillow (of course)!

And when you’re wearing something that you’ve chosen, something that calls out to you because it speaks of who you are within – it’s all the more soothing and comfy-cozy.

But not all vintage chenille bedspreads grow up to be bathrobes or bed jackets.

The beauty of vintage chenille is the countless number of ways to re-purpose it.

quilt squares in chenilleSome chenille bedspreads have become kitchen or bathroom curtains, brightening up any room with color and splash. To go along with their curtain friends, some chenille spreads grow up to become vintage shower curtains – matching their window curtains, oftentimes adorned with the original bedspread fringe or pom poms!

Many vintage chenille bedspreads that have had a tough life but still have very useable areas are lovingly cut into quilt squares – squares skillfully sewn together by true craftswomen of their trade. Just take a look on Etsy at the exquisite quilts and throws – beautiful color presentations and fabric textures – stitched to heirloom perfection. What new mom wouldn’t love to swaddle her little baby in the warmth, softness and comfort of a chenille quilt?

vintage chenille rosesVintage chenille bedspreads really are the gift that keeps on giving, even after all these years.

Even if a well-worn chenille bedspread shows its years, there are still uses! Little chenille flowers are born from small amounts of salvaged vintage chenille, each flower unique in an endless array of colors and textures. Some even make stem flowers and petals from tiny scraps of vintage chenille. Their bouquets adorn countertops and dressers, providing a depth of color and rich texture that silk flowers can lack.

vintage chenille bearsEven a vintage chenille bedspread that has seen its better day, a spread that has provided so much love and comfort and warmth but is too worn for re-purposing, has more to give! Well worn, tattered and ripped, but still able to provide comfort, it can be lovingly donated to your local SPCA or animal shelter. When little puppies and kittens are nestled into their old, worn tufts, who can resist their sweetness?

Truly, vintage chenille is the gift that keeps on giving. While its uses may vary, it gives a big reward to all: comfort.

And in today’s fast-paced, always-on technological world, that’s a much-needed gift.

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