Popular Vintage Chenille Bedspread Manufacturers

From Hofmann to Cabin Crafts to Morgan Jones and Retrac, we’ve been actively working to assemble a resourceful guide of some of the most well-known vintage chenille bedspread manufacturers.

Because none of the original American manufacturers are in business any longer, this was no easy feat! Our goal was to assemble all of the information we possibly could, while offering you additional references should you wish to explore further.

Vintage Hearts Chenille BedspreadAn Outline of Major Vintage Chenille Bedspread Makers

In effort to keep things organized, this first post in our series will serve to create an outline of the major players in the long-gone chenille bedspread manufacturing industry, with links to explore more in individual posts.

There were many manufacturers of chenille way back when, many of which may not even be listed. If you have more information about any vintage chenille manufacturer – whether it is listed below or not – please reach out to us. We would love to hear from you – and if you’re willing, to share your story with our audience.

The Magic of Vintage Chenille

Chenille bedspread postcardReally, vintage chenille isn’t just an ordinary fabric – those of us who adore it know there’s magic to it. Best of all, it’s a wonderful example of our great textile history from a time long ago when the “little things” mattered: attention to detail, pride in workmanship, quality in raw materials, and so much more.

Today, most chenille bedspreads sold are nothing more than India- or China- made rubbish – and that’s putting it nicely. One of our customers has a great use for these modern chenille bedspread knock-offs though – she buys them from places like the Vermont Country Store and uses them as blankets…for her dogs.

Chenille Bedspreads from Yesteryear…

Join us as we walk down memory lane and explore some beloved manufacturers of vintage chenille bedspreads from yesteryear.

vintage chenille bedspread cabin craftsHere are brief snippets and links to individual pages, below. The big time players in the chenille bedspread industry each have their own respective posts; we grouped smaller manufacturers and/or those for which information was scarce or non-existent into a single final summary post for you.

Each post is packed with photos to offer strong visuals and to share these great manufacturers and their wonderful work with you, our readers. Enjoy!

Vintage Chenille Bedspreads: The Major Players in the Industry


Perhaps nothing says “New England” like a classic Bates bedspread. No list of premium quality vintage chenille manufacturers would be complete without mention of this American great. The original Bates was shuttered in 2001, but their legacy lives on. Here’s some history on vintage Bates bedspreads for you.

Cabin Craft chenille bedspreadCabin Crafts:

Enchanting, magical, and the epitome of cottage chic, this beloved old brand has withstood the test of time. Cabin Crafts was an industry leader and played a large role in revolutionizing the chenille manufacturing process. Read more.

Canyon Group | Damze:

Canyon Group chenille is not an original manufacturer; in fact, they remain in existence today. Yet, there’s a great history here well worth covering especially because of the key role they played in bringing awareness to chenille fashions decades after chenille had fallen in popularity. Learn more here. 


fieldcrest chenille bedspreadWhen you think of Fieldcrest chenille bedspreads, does your mind wander to the showy cabbage rose patterns set on a heavy groundcloth most commonly found in pinks, blues and whites, adorned with sweet pom poms at the bottom edges? There’s quite a history here.


Or is it Hoffman, Hoffmann, or some variation? This vintage chenille bedspread brand takes the prize for the most often misspelled! Famed for their geometric floral and daisy designs, history on this once-great company is surprisingly scarce, but here’s what we found…(plus we’ve included a quick and simple RN lookup tool you can use if you’re curious as to who made your chenille bedspread from long ago).

Morgan Jones:

Perhaps one of the world’s best known manufacturers of vintage chenille bedspreads and other linens, MJ will forever be associated with their now-infamous and highly collectible rosebud chenille spreads. They are, hands-down, one of America’s most beloved vintage textile manufacturers and even if you’ve never heard of them, I bet you’ve slept on one of their bed linens at least once in your life. Read on…

Retrac/Carter Brothers:

Retrac chenille spreadKnown for their outstanding quality and breathtaking designs, the Carter Brothers got their start selling mattresses. Of course, what they became most know for was their line of stunning chenille bedspreads as well as some pretty fabulous rug designs, too. There’s some really fascinating history behind this American great. Learn more.

Other Vintage Chenille Bedspread Manufacturers:

There were plenty of other fabulous manufacturers of vintage chenille bedspreads back in the day. While history is scarce or non-existent on some of the ones presented below, we’ve still devoted a page to them and hope to add to it if and when information becomes available.

Learn more about these manufacturers of vintage chenille bedspreads by clicking right here. Below is a summary list of some of the manufacturers included on the page:

Rosebud chenille bedspread

  • Dellinger
  • Diana Cowpe
  • Everwear
  • Fruit of the Loom
  • Lady Galt
  • Martex
  • Pepperell (or Lady Pepperell)
  • Soft Goods
  • Supertex
  • SunSpun (or Sun Spun)
  • Taylor Maker
  • Vantona

Can you think of any manufacturers of vintage chenille bedspreads to add here? Do you have any tidbits of info to share with us? We’d love to hear from you! Click here to reach out anytime.