Old, New, Borrowed & Blue: What’s a Perfect Gift for That Lovely Bride?

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Throughout history, many a bride has recited that familiar poem on her wedding day, making sure her special day included each one of those treasured ‘somethings.’

A Memorable Wedding Gift Idea, Inspired by the Past

Even today, following tradition, a bride wants her memorable day to include special mementos to make the day unique for her. And, little by little, her wedding outfit becomes a one and only, custom representation of herself, family, and friends…of her unique journey. And the ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,’ doesn’t just pertain to a bride’s outfit…it reflects in her wedding gifts, too.

During the earlier decades of the 1930s-1960s when chenille was widely popular, that special “something new” for a bride was oftentimes a luxurious, thickly tufted chenille bedspread. These bedspreads not only represented quality, but the unique colors and patterns expressed a new bride’s personal tastes for her home.

Bates Bedspreads, The Ultimate Wedding Gift

Regal and traditional classic white chenille bedspreads, oftentimes a Bates, were a treasured wedding gift. Timelessly beautiful, a heavy-weight white chenille bedspread was proudly displayed. And a classic white chenille bedspread was always an appropriate gift choice for a new bride, as it blended with any décor and made an elegant statement atop a bed.

And what bride doesn’t love flowers? Many chenille bedspreads that were given as a wedding gift oftentimes represented the bride’s colors in her floral bouquets. What a lasting and stunning memory!

With vintage chenille, the endless beauty of floral displays, particularly on RetRac or Cabin Craft bedspreads, finding that ‘special flower’ was not a difficult task. Fresh flowers fade, but a chenille bedspread displays its floral bouquets for a lifetime!

We’ve created a special page of our bridal gift ideas in chenille; click here to view some exquisite examples of these superb vintage chenille bedspreads in timeless colors and classic patterns. We’ve also highlighted a few of our favorite bridal robes, sure to stand out from today’s modern, mass produced bridal robes.

Rekindle the Magical Memories of Grandma’s Chenille Bedspread

And for those who can remember their grandma’s treasured chenille bedspread, it’s a living testament to just how much the chenille bedspreads were loved.

To many women, the chenille bedspread represented many things: not only the striking colors, patterns, tufting, fringe and pom poms that made a room come alive, but it also represented homespun memories.

How many times they pulled those well-loved chenille bedspreads over their tired bodies, relaxing in its softness. And how many heart-felt tears soaked into those thick tufts. To some, old chenille spreads are thought of as kitschy at best, but for many, this beloved textile brings back memories of comfort, coziness, and joy.

Fads and fashions may come and go, but quality and tradition remain. Vintage chenille represents a time in our great history of excellence in American manufacturing: craftsmanship that emphasized attention to fine detail and design, and products that really were meant to last a lifetime. For a unique gift for any bride, a vintage chenille bedspread can fulfill the familiar “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue….”

Gift that Beautiful Bride With a Classic Heirloom Bedspread

Something old? While often from the 1940’s and 1950’s, now-vintage chenille bedspreads made during those decades came through the years beautifully. Quality and craftsmanship were very different back then, and it shows in these chenille spreads.

Well-cared for vintage chenille bedspreads can still be found in excellent condition and can wonderfully fulfill that ‘something old’ for a bridal gift….and become an heirloom for her family. A bonus? They’re typically super easy to care for and love being fluffed in the dryer.

Something blue? Vintage blue chenille bedspreads offer a delightful variety of shades, patterns and florals. So if it’s something blue you need for that special wedding gift, you just might find a one-of-a-kind treasure in a vintage chenille bedspread or even a dressing gown.

No matter what décor, a chenille bedspread can made a statement: plaids, geometrics, swirls, florals, and single-color bedspreads will highlight any bed. Here’s that link again to review some of our favorite picks.

Something new? For most millennials, vintage chenille is new! Younger generations aren’t familiar with fabrics and designs from the 1940’s and 1950’s, so gifting a vintage chenille bedspread to that special  bride today is more than likely to be ‘something new.’

Something borrowed? Life is about borrowing and sharing. We share ideas with each other, and we borrow strength from others when we are too weary to carry on alone. After all, we all have our own individual strengths and weaknesses.

“Borrowing” a Lifetime of Memories…

By definition, to borrow means to take something that belongs to someone else with the intention of returning it. So much is borrowed in life that is returned in different ways. When we borrow another’s strength to get through a day, we return their ‘borrowed’ strength by offering up a heart-felt smile, or encouragement when someone else needs it.

How can a vintage chenille bedspread can fulfill that ‘something borrowed’? A bride is borrowing memories for just a little bit of time, perhaps cherished family memories and stories from long ago….remembering grandma’s prized chenille bedspread….and as she travels through her journey in married life, she will create her own treasured memories.

She’ll ‘return’ the gift of the bedspread with thankfulness to the giver – and others – as she realizes that life is all about borrowing and sharing, giving and taking. And that doesn’t happen simply with material items. After all, by doing something for others, we’re really gifting ourselves.

In our modern era of over the top “bridezillas,” we’re well aware that a vintage textile like chenille certainly won’t appeal to every person. That’s quite alright. It’s not meant to.

Over the years we’ve helped many folks select the “perfect” vintage chenille, and to the question we’re most often asked: “How do I choose the right one?” we respond; “You don’t. It’ll choose you.”

For a little while, you’ll “borrow” those memories as you soak in the energetic essence of a beloved bedspread or robe. And in time, you’ll make it your own.