Farmhouse Decor: Is This Popular Decorating Style for You?

If you love everything old

with just the necessities of new

then farmhouse decorating is just for you.

Many appreciate and admire the old farmhouses of yesteryear. Life was much simpler back then as were the homes: wide plank flooring and a rectangular floor plan were the most basic elements of a farmhouse, along with a central fireplace.

It’s all about keeping it natural – like down on the farm!

History of Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse styles go back to early America and the pioneers. Homes were simple, built of wood, and had no frivolous extras. They often featured wood materials in the home, such as planked flooring, rough-hewn ceiling beams, and wrought iron latches or hinges.

Farmhouses were built away from the big cities, so crafters had to rely on what was around them, not only for lumber but for everyday items. Hand-me-downs were a tradition, and many cherished items were passed along generations.

Kitchens were more functional than they were elaborate. Cast iron pots hung on the walls, since kitchen cabinets weren’t in existence.

Homes such as these were built by the early settlers in the 1600s and matured through the 1800s. Over the years, craftsmen added more than just the ‘basics,’ and furniture took on curved and decorative looks.

Basics of Farmhouse Style Decor

Wood, wood, wood.

Distressed wood, chipped wood and maintaining the natural woodwork are key elements of farmhouse decorating. Wood that has worn spots and a chippy look adds that farmhouse flavor, and adding other materials like wrought iron, stone or metals all work together for creating that homey feeling.

Walls are usually white or creamy white, and oftentimes drywall is removed from the ceiling to expose the original hand-hewn beams for a rustic, homey feel.

Decorating with fabrics such as grain sacks, whether it’s pillows or wall hangings, or linen and lace add a vintage charm and yesteryear feel.

And for farmhouse furniture – it’s mix, mix, and mix!

Eclectic furniture is a hallmark of farmhouse style, and it allows you to add your personality to the room. Garage sale finds, thrift store picks and antique shop treasures are great sources for your decorating needs.

Farmhouse Décor is Flexible, Fun…& Practical

Best of all? Farmhouse decorating is flexible:  it finds a place for everything. It’s not cluttered, but knick-knacks, vintage items or your own personal collections are brought together for a cozy, rustic feel. This eclectic decorating style is summed up by:

  • Natural fabrics
  • Neutral colors
  • Handmade textiles, such as quilts or embroidery
  • Rustic, worn and chipped surfaces
  • Natural, unfinished wood
  • Vintage and antique furniture for the “old look” feeling
  • Open shelves to display favorite pieces, supported by antique brackets

And what’s a farmhouse without the traditional apron sink? Big sinks were a necessity in the old days, not only to wash dishes and produce – but babies needed bathing, too. Everything had to be practical.

Natural. Simple. Inviting. That’s Farmhouse Style.

In today’s contemporary times, we tend to forget that whether it was a home built on the new frontier or an old-style home of the 1800’s, everything had a purpose. Early on, homes had lower ceilings – that meant less area to heat in winter – and less wood to chop. Because wood was so easily available, a farmhouse featured a great emphasis on wood. All materials were practical, incorporating wood with stone and block.

In a nutshell, farmhouse style is where natural is key and old is reborn. It’s about having a comfortable, inviting, warm and relaxing space that offers an eclectic, charming mix where nothing matches, but all comes together to creates a pleasing, yesteryear nostalgia. Whomever visits feels right at home.

That warm, cozy feeling is summed up in many of the old farmhouse sayings that have been handed down over the years:

There’s no place like home.

Home is the nicest word there is.

You don’t need an old farmhouse to achieve the look – any space can be transformed with a few simple strategies. (Check out some farmhouse decor ideas to inspire you here.) Once you master your farmhouse decorating style and enjoy the ambiance of your very own decor, you’ll truly feel home is where the heart is!

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