Christmas Chenille Fabric! 7 Super Fun Craft Ideas You’ll Love

If you’re looking to create Christmas crafts that are rich in color and texture, treat yourself (and everyone on your gift list) to the magic of vintage chenille! Here are 7 fun ways to infuse some old fashioned nostalgia using vintage chenille fabric in your next sewing or craft project.

1) Wow Your Loved Ones With a Chenille Christmas Stocking

Looking to make a Christmas stocking with a thick layer of snow clinging to the top, just like snow hugs the tree branches? Then try some thick white vintage chenille!  Thinking you’d like to have a little bit of ice mixed in the snow? Try white Morgan Jones chenille with silver lurex woven in for some snazzy sparkle.

If you really want to make a memorable stocking, consider incorporating hand embroidery. For instance, use a vintage Sunset Stitchery Christmas stocking base, accented with a vintage chenille top and hanger.

2) Vintage Chenille Fabric: Mr. & Mrs. Claus Approved

Who doesn’t love a roly, poly Jolly St. Nick? Vintage chenille can spruce up any Santa!  White curlicue chenille for his long beard and hair!  And St. Nick would be a stand-out in a red chenille suit and boots. And a pom pom for his hat? Ah…vintage chenille offers up a delightful array of colorful and thick pom poms, rich and full and vibrant. If you want some sparkle ‘n shine, try vintage Morgan Jones fabric in red or green. Or if traditional is what you prefer, Hofmann vintage chenille is an excellent choice in classic shades of evergreen and red tufted with white geometric or snowflake designs.

3) Spruce Up Your Christmas Tree Skirt With Chenille

If you’ve decided it’s time to sew your own skirt for under your holiday tree, vintage chenille is a top choice for this project as well. Weighty with plenty of depth, you can create a rich skirt in virtually any color you desire, and appliqué on chenille flowers or even chenille snowmen. You can edge it with thick white chenille for a snowy effect, sew on vintage pom poms for a happy, festive touch, or even add thick vintage chenille fringe for a nostalgic, old-fashioned skirt!

4) Don’t Forget Frosty the Snowman!

Who doesn’t want to snuggle a plump, round happy snowman? Ah….what a merry and jolly snowman you can create!  Find any pattern you choose, and instead of using the usual felts or flannels, try vintage chenille instead! When you stuff your snowman with fresh Poly-fil (available at Walmart, Amazon, or any major craft retailer), you’re guaranteed to have the chubbiest, jolliest snowman in town! And with the variety of colors and textures available in vintage chenille, creating his carrot nose and charcoal mouth and eyes are easy peasy and lots of fun!

5) Chenille Fabric is Perfect for Kid’s Crafts

Whether you’re homeschooling your little ones or a teacher looking to create holiday crafts in your classroom, vintage chenille offers a delightful selection of colors, textures and fabric weights. Probably most elementary students haven’t even heard of chenille fabric, so won’t they be surprised and excited when they feel the super soft tufts of this beloved vintage fabric.

Kids love textures – reminiscent of the days of their ‘banky,’ so helping them put together a stocking made with vintage chenille makes a fun holiday project. Even if teacher provides pre-cut felt holiday stockings, children can enthusiastically glue on ‘chenille’ snow at the top, or chenille snow balls on the stocking… ohhh…the ideas are endless. Once kids feel the wonderful cuddly tufts, they’re sure to want to make a special gift for their someone special!

6) Upcycle Leftover Chenille Fabric into Scented Sachets

We’ve all been there – you finish your project and have little scraps left over that are just too pretty to discard. But what to do with them? Create scent-sational sachets stuffed with lavender buds – or your favorite dried herbs and/or flowers. If you garden, lavender is very easy to grow; you can harvest and dry your own in season, then insert it into handmade sachets for a true homemade delight.

Hint: Blend lavender and chamomile buds into a small scented sachet and slip under your pillow for a refreshing, relaxing night’s sleep. You can also insert into drawers and totes to keep linens and garments smelling naturally fresh.

7) Chenille Pillows Add Old-Fashioned Nostalgia

And don’t forget a special holiday throw pillow – these make great gifts and are an effortlessly easy way to add a touch of nostalgia to any space. Here’s a shabby Christmas chenille pillow we made using an old-world style Victorian St. Nick with vintage chenille, loaded with ruffle lace. Take any holiday embroidery panel, add vintage chenille ruffles or trim, and your pillow goes from ordinary to super extraordinary!

Once a popular fabric from the 1940’s and 1950’s, chenille faded away, as most trends do. It has its resurgence from time to time, but those who know chenille like we do know it never goes out of style…

Whatever your craft or sewing project, vintage chenille can add an entirely new dimension, depth and richness to your project. It’s versatile enough to give a classic appearance, and with its array of patterns and colors, can offer a whimsical look, too…the possibilities are endless!

And don’t forget: when sewing and creating your chenille projects, treat yourself to a real holiday gift: a luxurious vintage chenille bedspread or cozy robe. Once you snuggle under the thick, soft tufts, you’ll ask yourself: “Why did I wait so long to buy this?”

Browse our extensive listings for vintage chenille fabrics, quilt squares, robes and bedspreads. They make wonderful gifts that say “you’re special!”