How to Care for Vintage Chenille Bedspreads, Fabrics & Robes

We’ve been collecting vintage chenille bedspreads, fabrics and other linens for decades. The list below is a quick summary of some of the most useful strategies we’ve gleaned during all these years.


  • BEWARE of OLD-STYLE WASHING MACHINES that use a central agitator. Fabric can easily catch beneath the agitator, causing irreversible damage.
  • AVOID HARSH DETERGENTS & products such as OxyClean, which can weaken fabric fibers over time & strip lurex threads.
  • For BRIGHT and/or BOLD COLORS (reds, bright pinks, bold blues), launder with great care to avoid color run, fade, etc.
  • While products like Shout® Color Catchers can be a preventative, they ARE NOT FOOLPROOF.
  • ALWAYS TEST FIRST in an inconspicuous area if you’re using vintage chenille fabric in a quilt or craft project, to keep from inadvertently destroying your beautiful work.


  • When possible, LAUNDER FIRST to ensure the linen or garment is fresh.
  • Store in a CLEAN, DRY environment. Excess humidity can quickly ruin fabric.
  • Periodically INSPECT for signs of pest activity, such as moths – even if you think this isn’t a problem where you live.
  • If you’re storing the item in a tote or other small, enclosed space like a large storage bag, NEVER place products like Damp-Rid in or close by. If ever spilled, even in a tiny amount, a greasy substance is released that is near impossible to remove.
  • For robes & other garments, CHOOSE A HANGER (preferably padded) instead of a robe hook or similar, which can stress fabric and/or seams over time.


  • Do you love essential oils, creams, lotions & other potions? We do, too. However, repeatedly exposing vintage fabric to such products can seriously compromise it. Look out for areas of separation, weakness, small holes/tears, etc.
  • Create a barrier between oils/lotions & the chenille fabric – layer your robe over a long sleeve shirt or pajamas.

  • Keep clean & fresh: Many folks tug their bedspread near their face when they sleep. Especially if you use oils/lotions, it is recommended to gently launder on a regular basis.
  • Try dryer balls for a fluffy soft experience. They do not contain harmful chemicals and are a great natural way to increase the fluff factor.
  • Don’t worry about lint shedding – it’s common to virtually all vintage chenille, except needletufted pieces.

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