Cabin Crafts Chenille Bedspreads – One of America’s Favorite Vintage Manufacturers

Who doesn’t love Cabin Crafts vintage chenille bedspreads? Gosh, I can hardly think of anything more distinctly gorgeous than a chenille spread made by this famed manufacturer. From their much rarer “cherries” patterned bedspread that featured bunches of juicy cherries scattered atop an often cream or ivory colored groundcloth, to their beloved roses and elaborate floral patterns…nothing quite speaks the language of old-world cottage romance the way Cabin Crafts bedspreads do.

Cabin Crafts cherries bedspreadThe Making of Chenille Bedspreads – A Transition from Home to Factory

The New Georgia Encyclopedia explains that by the 1930s, companies like Cabin Crafts “began to bring the handwork from the farms into factories.” Like Retrac/Carter Brothers, chenille bedspread manufacturers wanted to create a more efficient manufacturing process to enhance productivity.

Moreover, Cabin Crafts and other chenille manufacturers of the day were “encouraged to pursue centralized production by the wage and hour provisions of the National Recovery Administration’s tufted bedspread code.” Previous to this, chenille bedspreads were largely made on the homefront as part of small family enterprises. From a business perspective, this wasn’t exactly the most effective process.

Cabin Crafts Chenille Spreads, Always Country Quaint & Charming

Cabin Crafts chenille spreadWondering where “Cabin Crafts” got its quaint moniker? Well, a gentleman named Bob McCamy introduced the brilliant idea to stamp patterns onto cotton sheets, then provide them (with yarn, no less) to area residents who would then return the spread back to him when it was completed.

The benefits were far-reaching – not only was this a boost to the local economy, providing work to families throughout the Dalton, Georgia area, but it allowed McCamy to focus on the all-important task of marketing his spreads.

As the phrase goes, as much as things change; they stay the same. Marketing was just as vital then as it is to us today, and McCamy’s innovative idea at that time allowed him to boost productivity, strengthen the economy, and provide a desirable product to willing buyers.

Now back to that cozy little name…the Cabin Crafts name was courtesy of Mr. McCamy’s lovely wife because – you guessed it – despite the fact that their patterns were stamped onto sheets and finished as part of a greater manufacturing process, they retained the look and charm of a bedspread that had been handcrafted in a cabin in the woods. How quaint is that?

Cabin Crafts Chenille Bedspreads Stand the Test of Time…

cabin crafts chenille bedspreadThe Cabin Crafts brand stood the test of time in more ways than one: the company lasted through the Depression period, and of course, their spreads continue to be sought after today. But that isn’t all.

Ever wonder why the infamous hub of chenille bedspreads – Dalton, Georgia – was also dubbed the “Carpet Capital of the World.” It’s thanks in no small part to Cabin Crafts. According to the book Shaw Industries: A History by Randall L. Patton, the original founders sold most of what was the original Cabin Crafts to West Point Manufacturing Company in 1946.

West Point had far more financial leverage than did Cabin Crafts, which allowed the original owners to use some of the proceeds to continue working on a prototype of a carpet-tufting machine. Explains Patton, “Cabin Crafts almost certainly produced the first seamless, tufted broadloom carpeting in 1950 on a machine ‘cobbled’ together with parts purchased from the Chattanooga maker and scrap metal.”

Cabin Crafts Bedspreads Always Focused on Style & Quality

cabin crafts chenille spreadNot surprisingly, the author also tells us that Cabin Crafts focused on style, quality and brand name awareness, and that they “played a leading role in promoting tufted textiles throughout the world.” New companies that were established long after essentially “built on the foundation created by Cabin Crafts.”

Very often when we list Cabin Crafts bedspreads for sale, we make reference to the fact that they are the very epitome of classic American-made quality. You’ll often seen on some tags “Individually Fashioned by American Craftsmen” – and really, this is an increcible vintage manufacturer on so many levels.

The pride taken to construct these spreads is evident, the patterns are stunning – from the simplest geometric repeating zig-zags to the complex “frosted cake” designs with luxurious roses, ribbons, chubby dots and sprawling floral motifs.

Why Cabin Crafts Vintage Chenille? Why not?!

cabin crafts chenille bedspreadIn my experience, even “tired” a/k/a well-loved old Cabin Crafts spreads still stand the test of time and remain far stronger than other manufacturers from the era in similar condition.

If you don’t have an original Cabin Crafts chenille bedspread in your collection yet, I encourage you to source one – you’ll cherish it forever. You can browse our current selection of vintage chenille bedspreads for sale here, or reach out to us if you’re looking for a particular Cabin Crafts pattern and/or color – we have many.

As always, if you have any details about Cabin Crafts as a vintage chenille bedspread manufacturer, we want to hear from you so that we can share as much about this premier American textile maker with our audience. Click here to reach us anytime.